Well informed Vendors who have planned adequately for the sale of their home or investment property will reap the benefits of a successful outcome. An experienced agent will help you with all aspect of the sale process, however you may need guidance from accredited financial advisors or your solicitor about issues such as land tax, capital gains tax, deceased estates etc.

Opinion of Market Value from your agent is based on comparable recent sales. For example a three bedroom home should be compared with a similarly proportioned three bedroom home in comparable condition. As no two properties are identical, allowance is made for attributes such as aspect, proximity to transport etc.

The Market has a habit of changing (in either direction). If your property was appraised many months or years ago it should be reviewed.

Presentation of the property is important. If the property is in poor condition, buyers will be looking for a bargain. Create a better impression by removing mould or dirt from walls and ceilings, replacing damaged gutters or downpipes, fix leaking taps, clean pools and tidy the gardens. Empty properties can be enhanced by hiring modern furniture and accessories. It may not be necessary to spend money on major improvements. Most buyers prefer to make improvements according to their own tastes.

Allow sufficient time and have a marketing schedule. You will need a Contract for Sale from the solicitor/conveyancer and an Agency Agreement signed with your agent before the property can be advertised.

Make available any documents relating to the house, for example pest inspection reports, council building approvals and surveys. Buyers always appreciate manuals for fixtures like dishwashers, ovens, air conditioners, alarms and swimming pools.

Listen to constructive comments from your agent. Honest feedback from buyers is the best gauge of how your property compares with other properties out there.

Tier One Property can provide lists of local solicitors, conveyancers and tradespeople if necessary.